Peacock Bowl

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Peacock Bowl

This Peacock Bowl is incredible in so many ways! Be it its style and design, its size , the fact that it is hand painted, its versatility… and, of course, how much it adds to any room.

These bowls are perfect for either a practical use, such as a fruit bowl, or just purely to be used as decoration!

  • Stylish and contemporary shape.
  • Hand-painted design in gold, blue, and green, resembling peacock feathers.
  • Use it as a centrepiece, wall ornament, or on a sideboard.
  • Perfect as a gift idea for various occasions, including weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, engagements and more.
  • Hand wash recommended to maintain its brilliance.
  • Crafted entirely from glass and hand-decorated.

Weight 1735 g 

Dimensions 410 × 410 × 65 mm

Colour Green, Multi-coloured

Substrate Glass