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Freckleface Botanical Bath Bombs

Calm & Unwind -

Packed full of active ingredients including Epsom salts. Made with shea butter, a natural moisturiser ideal for dry skin types.  This unique blend of 5 essential oils combined with Epsom salts leave your skin detoxified and helps you to relax and unwind.  Contains kaolin clay, a natural cleanser.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Camomile; Bergamot; Lavender; Petigrain; Sweet Orange.

Sleep -

Packed full of active ingredients.. Made with shea butter, a naturalmoisturiseridealfordry skin types.

Set yourself up for the ultimate restful night. Lavender & Bergamot blended with shea butter to create
a wonderfully moisturising and relaxing bath. Wake up feeling refreshed and moisturised.

Contains kaolin clay, a natural cleanser

ESSENTIAL OILS: Lavender; Bergamot Verbena.


100% vegan friendly and cruelty free
Handmade in the UK
No plastic packaging – tissue wrapped in store and placed in small gift bag with ingredients card
Packed with active ingredients – see item sheets for individual benefits Natural Moisturisers – shea butter or coconut oil (see individual sheet for which is used)
Epsom Salts – Calm + Unwind & Revive options only
Essential Oils – see item sheets for individual benefits
No artificial colourants

How to use your bomb:

Simply add 1 bomb to your bath once filled and slip down into the water letting the active ingredients, moisturisers and essential oils do their work.


Wash bath after use as natural moisturisers and essential oils may cause bath to be slippery

Are your bath bombs safe for use whilst pregnant?

Our bath bombs are made using essential oils, active ingredients and natural moisturisers. Atypicalbathis150litresofwaterandourindividualbath bombs aren't deemed a risk when diluted in this amount of water.

Whilst some essential oils may be deemed a risk to pregnancy this is when appliedtopicallytotheskininlargequantities. Wewouldalwaysrecommend seeking advice from your midwife when using any bath and body products. If you are concerned with risk, please seek medical advice.