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This classic word-sleuthing game will have players scratching their heads and nodding knowingly in equal measure! Take three letter cards and make up a mystery word… it’s up to your opponents to guess what it is. But that’s not so easy, as they guess each letter all you can tell them is whether it’s “Right letter, right place”, “Right letter, wrong place” or “Not in the word at all”!!. By noting down your answers they’ll finally discover what the word is…but, then again, perhaps they won’t! Quick to pick up, Wordio is the game that’s difficult to put down!

Suits Ages 14+   3+ Players


It’s the secret word-guessing game that’s packed full of fun! One by one, clues to the mystery word are revealed… then it’s a race to discover the answer. The fewer clues you need the more you score; the first guess is worth 4 points and the last score 1. Clever cryptic clues keep you guessing until… finally… you reach that AHA! moment!

Suits Ages 14+   2-6 Players

Code Breakers

This box of bafflement contains a series of cunning ciphers…but what do they mean? It’s up to you to crack the codes and reveal the mystery phrases, songs, film titles and so much more. Challenging? Possibly…but help is at hand because each card has a teasing topic that points you in the right direction. Can you determine what the mystery letters stand for?

Suits Ages 14+   3+ Players